A.J. Turns Two

They say "Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys", but AJ makes it look so darn adorable!

This little cutie came to see me for his second birthday shoot and I instantly fell in love! I have never met a child more in love with horses before.

He carried his little horses everywhere and told me all about his pet horse Addie at home. He also happens to make the best horse noises and runs just as fast. I certainly broke a sweat chasing this sweet boy around but I didn't mind one bit!

We took a break from horses for a few minutes to search for sharks in the lake, but thankfully we didn't find any. I had a blast running around with this little guy and capturing his candid adorable moments! Happy Birthday sweet boy! Thank you for choosing Amanda Lee Photography!

To view his full album of cuteness click below:

AJ Turns Two

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