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🚫 Ladies, we have to stop 🚫

We have to stop wishing away our current bodies. We have to stop looking in the mirror and tearing ourselves apart like we are the biggest bully we have ever known. We have to stop wishing for something better, and appreciate what we have NOW!

​The next time you look in the mirror, I want you to talk to yourself like you would your best friend. We are not put on this earth to be perfect models. Instead of thinking of what your body is NOT, think about what it is! 🙌

This is your message to book that session. Rock that body of yours exactly as it is. Don’t wait until you’re “better” because you are a QUEEN right now. You are enough. Your body is amazing and so are you!  Let me remind you how badass you are! 🫶


Let me remind you how badass you are!


I absolutely love boudoir sessions because I watch women transform right before my eyes into confident, empowered forces of nature. Every single woman that walks through my door is nervous and has a handful of insecurities. They claim they are awkward. They claim they don’t know how to be sexy. They aren’t comfortable in their bodies. They have a million reasons to be nervous.


Then THIS happens!

I love watching women embrace the skin they are in. We laugh and joke the entire session. They leave saying they had a blast and would do it again in a heartbeat without seeing a single photo. After I send a sneak peek, I usually get a “Is that seriously ME?!? I can’t even handle how good these are!!".


For me, it’s not making you sexy for others to appreciate the view, it’s the sense of empowerment you feel after your session. 

Let me help remind you what a powerful goddess you are!

📸 Boudoir FAQ 🔥


Q: Will you share any of my photos on social media or your website?

A: Only with YOUR permission! Any content you see from Amanda Lee Photography, my clients are 100% okay with sharing!


Q: Do I need to buy a ton of lingerie or outfits?

A: NOPE! I have a client closet that you can borrow shoes, stockings, robes, lace cover-ups, and even lingerie from! You can show up with your favorite bra and underwear combo and nothing else and we will still rock it! I do have an “inspiration board” I can send you if you have no idea what to buy but you know you want to buy SOMETHING. So buy or don’t buy, either way, I will make sure you love your photos!


Q: Do you provide hair and makeup?

A: You do NOT want me doing your hair or make-up, believe me. But I do have an on-site hair and makeup artist who will meet you at your session location for eirth or both services! Just let me know at booking so we can coordinate your session date with her availibilty and I can add her package to your invoice!


Q: Can I bring a friend for moral support?

A: HECK YES! And if you don’t have a hype girl, don’t worry about it because that’s what I live for!


Q: Are your boudoir sessions indoors or outdoors?

A: They can be either! We can rock it inside my studio or do an outdoor session at Picture Perfect Ranch! We can even do a mix of both if you'd like! We have totally private areas and creek access on the ranch so you will still have lots of privacy but can still get that outdoor vibe!


Q: How much do sessions cost and what do your boudoir sessions come with?

A: All of my sessions are $499 and come with at least 40 high-resolution, full edited photos in both color and B&W. Your session also comes with a $50 print package! You also have the option to order prints or products right from your gallery!


Q: Do you do couple boudoir? How about same-sex?

A: Absolutely! Give me ALL the couples! Straight, gay, young, old - boudoir is for EVERYONE! All sizes and shapes too! You will never feel “ready”, so just go for it, and I promise you won’t regret it!

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