I absolutely love boudoir sessions because I watch women transform right before my eyes into confident, empowered forces of nature. Every single woman that walks through my door is nervous and has a handful of insecurities. They claim they are awkward. They claim they don’t know how to be sexy. They aren’t comfortable in their bodies. They have a million reasons to be nervous.


Then THIS happens!

I love watching women embrace the skin they are in. We laugh and joke the entire session. They leave saying they had a blast and would do it again in a heartbeat without seeing a single photo. After I send a sneak peek, I usually get a “Is that seriously ME?!? I can’t even handle how good these are!!".


For me, it’s not making you sexy for others to appreciate the view, it’s the sense of empowerment you feel after your session. 

Let me help remind you what a powerful goddess you are.

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