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​Why are yearly family portraits important?

Because in 20 years when our kids are all grown and off living their own lives, we aren’t going to ever think “thank goodness I don’t have photos of my babies when I didn't look exactly how I wanted”.

​Because in 30 years you won’t have to kick yourself for always being BEHIND the camera instead of being next to the humans you love the most. Do you really think you’re going to care about anything other than the memories in the future?

​Because in 50+ years when you're growing old with the person you love the most, you won’t leave this earth with just photos of your younger self to pass down to your family.

​You don’t like your crooked smile? Your belly is too big, your hair is too flat, and your teeth aren’t white enough? Doesn’t that all seem silly when it’s all said and done and we are looking back on our lives through our wrinkles and shaking hands?

​Some of my most prized possessions are photographs of my family I never had the chance to meet. I have photographs of my great great great Grandmother and every day I am thankful she didn’t refuse to have her photo taken.

Life is busy. Insecurities are real. Just trust me on this one. Book the session! Be in the photos, for once! 

You can thank me later.

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